ROC Conversations in Whiteinch, Glasgow

Recent community consultations in Whiteinch have been helpful in identifying issues facing the community. Whiteinch Transformation (WT) and The Whiteinch Centre, in their work with people in the community, were particularly aware of mental health, domestic abuse, addiction and poverty, and wanted to create a space to explore these in more depth, with particular focus on provision in the Whiteinch and surrounding area.

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) was delighted to have been invited by Whiteinch Transformation to facilitate these discussions. The aim is to bring together service providers working in the field, service users and local people to share good practice as well as identifying gaps, and to consider how to work and share more effectively.

The first of four planned conversations was held on 17th September and looked at mental health. The report can be found here: 1509 ROC Whiteinch mental health report



Deep in discussion at the first ROC Conversation Whiteinch

chair Alan McWilliam with Rachel Spence of Safe Families for Children




The ROC Conversation that considered poverty was held on 19th November 2015, and the report can be found here: 1511-roc-whiteinch-poverty-report

And the ROC Conversation on addiction took place on 4th February 2016, report here: 1602-roc-whiteinch-addiction-report

Finally, the ROC Conversation on 31st March 2016 included a presentation from Lynne McRitchie of WCVSN on local networking opportunities, Caroline O’Toole of WSHA on the work of the domestic violence action group, and WT Chair Alan McWilliam drew out the key themes from previous events and led a discussion on the possible development of a project to address these issues.

Lynne McRitchie

Lynne McRitchie

Caroline O'Toole

   Caroline O’Toole

Alan McW - Synergy

Alan McW – Synergy














  • WT logoWhiteinch Transformation (WT) was established in 1999 by Whiteinch Church of Scotland as a vehicle for community transformation in the area and beyond. Current projects include a debt counselling project (CAP) and food bank; counselling services and support for vulnerable families.
  • Whteinch Centre new logoThe Whiteinch Centre is an independent community facility at the heart of Whiteinch. The Centre aims to be a resource for the whole community and is the venue for our Conversations.